He’s driving off into the desert. No more fighting, no more failing. He’s been imagining this moment for as long as he can remember, and now he’s finally done it. His hands are loose on the wheel and his foot pushes the pedal flat on the floor.

He’s free, heading west under a star-lit sky towards something new. The past disappears in the darkness behind and for the first time in as long as he remembers, the future is unknown, hopeful. Then a song comes on the radio….he turns it up….he thinks he’s heard it before, but he hasn’t. It’s just that kind of song – instantly familiar like an old friend, and this band knows just what he’s feeling…

The Band

Formed in 2010, Forth is a band with a story to tell. Delivering classic rock vibes with grunge flavours, Forth is known for their heavy and memorable songs.  Front man Brian Forth hails from Canada but landed in Finland.  After finding himself stranded thousands of miles from home, he connected to his new country through music, forming the band with friends and newfound brothers-in-rock, Tim Norrgrann (lead guitar), Kari Storkovius (drums) and Mikael Söderbäck (bass).  Together, they turn their failures, broken relationships, hopes and dreams into awesome rock songs.


The Sound

The music is inspired by classic melodic rock artists like Neil Young and Tom Petty, but the songs are shaped with a thick vocals, harmonies and a grungy, emotional edge. Deep, melodic guitars sit on top of growling bass and thundering drums. The music is like an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time – he’s still the same person, but something feels new. The band calls their style “Newstalgic Rock” because everything old is new again.

The Charts

For a little band from the suburbs of west Helsinki with no label, Forth has racked up some impressive chart performance from their first releases in Finland and abroad.

Track / Album Chart / Radio Year
“Up Up Away” #2 Finnish iTunes rock charts 2014
“Fairytale Princess” 1 month in top 10, Finnish national radio YLE’s Toppen chart 2015
“Black Angel” #2 YLE Radio Vega, Vega Toppen 2018, week 50
“Higher Ground” #1 Radio Indie Alliance UK, Monie’s New Music Feb 2019

Record of the week

Featured artist of the week, Eye on Indie, Q108 Canada

Mar 2019
“On Top of the World” #5 and most played song of the week, Finnradio.fm 2019, week 11
“Let Me In” YLE Radio Vega – on rotation 17 weeks 2019
“1993” #1 Finnradio.fm Top 20 2021, week 34
“Paralyzed” #1 Finnradio.fm Hard Rock 2021, week 42




On todella maailmanluokan ääni! Soundit ovat ihan perkeleen hyvät sen huomaa välittömästi. Melodinen kertosäe, joka jää päähän soimaan välittömästi!

Tuomio, Tuomionpäivän levyarvostelut


“Though there’s twinges of Bryan Adams and early 1990s Axl Rose in Forth’s seemingly familiar voice, “1993” is a clear product of the massively short-lived grunge era. It’s constant, and addictive bass groove is carried by not just a glorious acoustic guitar melody, but a rock-solid rhythm backing and admiringly emotional vocal delivery from the band’s leader.  In fact, his delivery is similar to something you might hear out of Scorpions — the veteran German rock titans. To top it all off, guitar virtuoso and lead Tim Norrgrann treats fans with an incredibly succinct guitar solo at around the three-minute mark.”


4 star album reviews

Forth (self titled)     ♦♦♦♦◊

Captivity  ♦♦♦♦◊

Forth (Self titled album)

8- / 10

Usein yhtyeen mukaan nimetty teos myöhemmässä vaiheessa uraa merkitsee jonkinlaista päätepistettä tai uutta alkua, monesti palataan perusasioihin. Forthin tapauksessa perusasiat eivät ole koskaan kadonneet, joten uusi pitkäsoitto ”Forth” vahvistaa menneisyyttä.


Forth (Self-titled album)

Die selbstbetitelte CD ist einfach flüssig und die Songs zwar ähnlich , aber doch allesamt irgendwie mit einzelnen Momenten versehen , die dem Hörgenuss guttun . Rock , Alternative , fast schon Stadion – Rock , wenn denn die Band etwas größer wäre.

Torsten, Toughmagazine.de


8 / 10




Giovanni Soldi, Hardrockheavymetal

On Top of the World

“You just can’t help singing along to the chorus of the song, which bursts out with an anthemic buoyancy. So join in the joyful chant!”

Jen Dan, Rebel Noise

“Hard rock and grunge flavor, harmonies and memorable melodies for Forth […] “Captivity” is absolutely one of the best records so far removed for this 2019, modern, fresh, sometimes melancholic, and above all variegated, influenced by more genres but remaining well anchored to a hard rock with grunge roots.”

Valeria Campagnale, Rockers And Other Animals webzine

“Wow…talk about kick ass rock – love the 80’s glam rock feel. Tight riffs, pounding bass/drums and powerful vocals. Loved every song. Will be playing on Q108!”

Randy Skaggs, Q108 Radio

“Yhtye tarjoaa grungen makuista rokkia pienillä blues mausteilla. Yhtye myös kierrättää Elvistä ja CCR klassikoita rouhealla otteella. Yhtyeen soitto on tanakkaa ja levy ei täytepaloja sisällä. Levy on nimensä suuntainen vangitseva pakkaus!”

Marcos Kuusjärvi, FinnRadio.FM

Black Angel

“Black Angel” should please both classic rock and modern rock fans. It’s grunge-flavoured rock with a melodic edge and a massive chorus.”

Kimmo Toivonen, Rockunited.com

Play with Me

“Vocals are with us and they are a mixture of blues with a nice gravelly rasp that really gives this track some legs, it makes you feel like you are on holiday in a sweaty club getting ready to hit the dancefloor and throw down some shapes as this Caribbean inspired beat gets you moving and feel the funk groove running through this cool piece of music.

Can't Help Falling in Love

“Forth captures the enduring spirit of The King, the music lives forever”

Ville Krannila, Metalliluola