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Forth - Roead Stories

EXPCD-6 : Road Stories

1.You Get What You Deserve
2.Up Up Away
3.Forget About It
4.I Stand Alone
6.Just Drive
7.Fairytale Princess
8.Come Home To Me
9.Falling Out
10.Open Your Door
11.Forgiveness Comes

Total time: 43:29


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Forth - Up Up Away

EXPCD-4 : Up Up Away – Single

1.UP UP AWAY 3:35
Written by Forth, Hollmen, Norrgrann, Virta
Lyrics by Forth

Music arranged by Mikko P. Mustonen & Forth
Engineered and mixed by Mikko P. Mustonen / Pathos Music
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers Oy
Produced by Forth Productions avoin yhtiö
Executive Producers: Forth & Kristian Meurman
Publisher: Experience Productions
A&R: Kristian Meurman / Experience Productions
Photo by Lauri Aaltonen assisted by Ari Partinen


Up Up Away (promo video version) mastered by Henkka Niemistö / Chartmakers Oy


Forth - Fairytale Princess - Radio Single label

4THPROMOCD-2 : Fairytale Princess
Promotional radio single

1. Fairytale Princess (Satuprinsessa) 2:59
Composed by Matti Mikkola
Lyrics by Otto Grundström
(English translation: Brian Forth, Tim Norrgrann)

Single taken from the debut album “Road Stories” by Forth

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Release date: 21.5.2015



Forth - Sneak Preview EP label

4THPROMOCD-1 : Sneak Preview EP
For promotional use only – not for resale

1. Black Angel 3:42

2. Up Up Away (promo video version) 3:33

3. Waiting (The Roc sessions) 2:59

4. Vixen (The Roc sessions) 3:59

5. Just Drive (The Roc sessions) 3:19

Release date: 13.2.2015

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